Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zone Conferences Week 2

We met with these three zones this past week in zone conferences. For details on the conference you can scroll down to the previous post. 
Here are pictures from our week!

We had a great time with each zone and got to celebrate a lot of birthdays this round!

As always we had a scripture chase. This conference it was on the scriptures in the long lesson for lesson 2. Everyone did awesome, but only one person can be champion. Here are the champions from each zone. Congratulations to them all!

I have prizes for the winners but forgot to pack them this day. Poor Elder D only received M&M's. But I have his prize at home and will give it to him the very next time I see him!

And now just some random pictures from the three days. First, a little bit of group work!

 And of course there are always practices!
 And mail!
 And of some push ups!
 More group work--different zone.

 Along with Elder O's "thinker" pose.:-)
 Trying to get them out the door after the conference and back to work!~
 On Friday we were also treated to a visit from the area doctor and his wife who is a nurse! So thankful to have them serving a mission now in Mexico! And so fun to meet them! (The voice on the other end of the phone:-)

 So what do the assistants do when everyone else takes a break?
 The meals are usually provided by local Relief Society sisters, but today we ate Subway.
 The thoughtful part of the day.

 Two sister training leaders teaching their part.

 Obviously everyone has different levels of paying attention.:-)
 I loved seeing this at church today! At the conference it was suggested the missionaries have a service calendar for people who need the missionaries to help them can sign up. Two days later I saw this! I love it when the missionaries are immediately obedient!!
 Loved this picture. Mail break in the middle of sweeping! Or is that just multi-tasking?

This coming week--the north side of the mission!

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  1. Oh my favorite picture is " obviously everyone has different levels of paying attention" !!! That is awesome and so true... Love you blog Hermana!!!