Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mission Council

One of my most favorite meetings is Mission Leadership Council (MLC). And this past week we had one of the best ones we have ever had. I am not sure what made the difference but the Spirit was there in ABUNDANCE. It was a very sweet and powerful day.

President Wagner began the day by teaching the Area Plan and charging all the missionaries to not only teach it in their divisions and zone classes but to also take it to all the active and less active members in their areas and teach them as well.

That was followed by my part where I taught "How to Teach Like the Savior" from the January Ensign article by the General Sunday School Presidency. Everyone received the article in advance so they could study it and the corresponding pages in Preach My Gospel. We then talked about the importance of following the example of the Savior in all things, including the way we taught and discussed ways to help those under our stewardship apply the principles.

The assistants then taught the fundamental lesson on the Book of Mormon. This has been taught many times and at times the missionaries treat it lightly due to their familiarity with the topic. But this day was not like any ordinary day. The Spirit was so strong and many felt it bear witness to them about the truthfulness of the book. When some seemed surprised the Spirit would testify so profoundly during a practice President Wagner reminded the missionaries that to the Spirit there are no practices, and they are investigators. I loved that.

Then President Wagner ended by teaching out of Chapter 5 on the Book of Mormon. Around this same time my children were at a wedding at the Salt Lake Temple for my niece. So as I wouldn't feel left out, they sent me a picture of them there together. President Wagner posted this picture on the wall during our training and used it to teach the purpose behind everything we do. Eternal Families. Our entire purpose here is to live so we can have an eternal family in the next life. How grateful we are for our 8 children and 10 grandchildren and how dearly we pray to live so they can all be ours forever.

It was sweet and made me cry.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:

Our current mission council.

 The Picture President Wagner projected on the wall.


  1. Hi! This is a great blog. Thanks for doing this. My brother, Elder Todd, is in some of the photos. We didn't get a phone call from him on Mother's Day at the time we had planned. We also didn't get an e-mail from him today on his p-day. Is everything okay there? We are just worried. If you could let us know that would be really nice. Thank you!

    1. I just visited with him. He said he has now explained everything and should be visiting with you at this very moment! I am so sorry about that!