Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcoming another new group of missionaries!!

The morning after the farewell dinner we have a welcome breakfast for the new missionaries arriving from the Mexico City MTC.  This time all the missionaries were from Mexico with the exception of one sister from the Dominican Republic

It is always fun to meet the new ones. They usually arrive very tired (they get up around 2:30 to pack, or some just stay up all night) and very excited and ready to work. And the only thing they really care about is who will be their companion and where will they work.

But first we feed them breakfast. It is usually around 10:00 by the time they arrive at the house and we have everything ready. I switch it around, but lately we have been eating eggs with ham, tomatoes and potatoes mixed in them with refried beans on the side, tortillas, salsa, fresh fruit, and juice. This time we also had slices of roasted poblano peppers with fresh corn, onion and cream cheese. Yum! (But a lot of work so we probably won't do the peppers again.:-)

During breakfast we go around the table and everyone introduces themselves. Next we give some general training like--"the next few weeks are going to be some of the hardest of your life and you will probably cry every day". (It is just better for them to know that right up front.:-)

While President interviews each missionary personally, the assistants meet with each Latin missionary individually to review the English language program and help them set goals to learn English while in the mission field. Meanwhile I am meeting with groups of 4-6 explaining health procedures. Then we head to the church building for additional training and to meet their companions!

Here are some pictures from the day. The trainers are on the right.

The three sisters who arrived in the morning:

 The elders who arrived in the morning:
 And the companionships!

And then we had two missionaries who arrived later in the day. Their training was done the next morning at the office. Here are their pictures.

 In this case the trainer is on the left.:-)
We are so glad to have them and look forward to great things from each of them!