Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our last week of interviews!

This past week we traveled the north side of the mission for interviews. We loved being back out with the missionaries and spending one on one time with them. (Or six on one in my case:-)

Here are some pictures from our travels!

We started with these four. They told me they were Vocal Point. Okay. Didn't get a chance to hear them sing, but at least it explains why they were all wearing blue ties!

 Zone leaders--on the right--doing a little training!

 Yes, Mom, I got the package!
 Gearing up for some powerful preaching!

 How they beat the sun, where at this time of year it is hot! hot! hot!

He finally got his prize for winning the scripture chase!! (I did not forget!)

 Making sure we have all our materials before heading out . . .

 Closed eyes. Oops! That is why I usually take two pictures! But at least they both have smiles on their faces!

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