Saturday, May 30, 2015

Zone Conference, Week 1

This round we are focusing on the Area Plan, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine of the Family, improving our finding techniques and Lesson 1. Normally we probably wouldn't try to teach so many different things, but since this is our last conference we wanted to be sure to get everything we could in. So it might be a bit of an overload, but we are enjoying it and hopefully the missionaries are learning something.

Scripture Chase!! Here are our three top scripture chasers of this round. The scriptures were taken from Chapter 5, how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. So many were so close to winning!! Good job to everyone and especially these three!

We also celebrated birthdays and Sister B (below) not only won the scripture chase but she was also the only birthday in her zone!
And here are the birthday we celebrated in the other zones. Happy Birthday to you all!!

For more pictures from our first three zone conferences, scroll down below to our Book of Mormon: Read it! Love it! Live it! Share it! campaign.  Enjoy!!

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