Monday, November 19, 2012

And Another Zone

As I mentioned in another post, last week we held the zone conferences for the south side of the mission.  There have been some changes to missionary work in Mexico since our last zone conference and so most of this one was spent on giving the missionaries ideas how to implement the changes.

First of all--no missionary in Mexico is allowed to tract. This is not for safety as much as it is for fellowship. Many people were being baptized but not remaining active due to not having friends in the church. Therefore, as of November 1, with the exception of the occasional street contact when directed by the Spirit, all references are to come from active and less active members.

Second--all lessons MUST be taught in either the church building or in a house where a member is present. If no member is available, the lesson will be postponed.

Obviously this provides some challenges to missionary work, however, since tracting is actually the least effective way to work, we feel it will be a blessing to eliminate it.

In addition to explaining this emphasis and giving ideas on how to do it, we also had a man from Mexico City come and present on church safety regulations. That was very interesting and although we hope the information will never be needed, it is nice to know the missionaries are prepared.

Here are some pictures from our first zone conference:

Standing to recite "My Purpose" . . .

 Gathering around the President for up close and personal training.
 Lunch break! We don't have stake relief societies to help us here, and so I have done it all by myself. (We are working on changing that.) So no fancy table decorations--just get your food and eat it at your desk! They never seem to mind though. They are just grateful for the food.

 This is what we are serving this round. (I think food looks better in color:-) By the time we are done, my husband and I will have eaten lasagna 9 times. I think we will be good to not have it again for awhile. The chocolate cupcake was to celebrate President Wagner's birthday.
 Posing for pictures after the conference . . .

 Gotta say, my favorite missionary of the day is the one who picks up the broom and starts cleaning without being asked. Thank you Elder K!!
 Although we do love them all!
This week we stay in town for conferences with the three zones here and Thursday we have off to celebrate Thanksgiving with the senior couples in town. We are looking forward to that!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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