Saturday, November 24, 2012

In Town. . .

We met with the three zones in town this week. Here are some of the pictures from the zone conferences. We had a really good time with all of them.

 Getting a little one on one time with the President . . .
 Two of these are new. It is always nice when they are still smiling two weeks after arriving in the country. :-)
So they obviously come in all shapes and sizes. 

 Have I mentioned before how much I love the sisters? :-)
 This elder gave the prayer in English and did an awesome job!
 Of course they also have to take pictures of each other.
 This probably won't happen too often, but the elder on the far right trained the elder next to him, and he trained the elder next to him, and he trained the elder next to him. Which in missionary lingo makes the first elder a great-grandfather--while still in the mission!

These are all new--and come from four different countries!
 The talking shoe. Good thing the owner goes home in a few weeks! Hopefully the shoe won't be going with him.
 Here are four birthday boys being sung to. Happy Birthday to them!
 Eagerly waiting for zone conference to start.

 I love it when the zone leaders color coordinate.
 Of course red, yellow and blue look good together as well. :-)
 Posing with "Grandpa C." He runs the office and is very much loved by all the missionaries.

 More of the awesome sisters.

 The sister on the right gave the prayer in English in this zone. She was our first sister to do so and did great!!
 Just a little picture craziness. . .
 More smiling new missionaries. Hold that smile, Elders!!  (I promised them that it does get better. But the first couple weeks are pretty tough--especially if you don't speak the language.)
 So funny thing . . . the elder on the left is the district leader. He told me that if you total the time all of the members in his district have in the country it equals less than a year. I told him obviously God has a lot of confidence in him and his district.
 Here are all the new ones for this zone.
That was a lot of pictures, but hopefully I got everyone at least once.

If you are wondering about Thanksgiving . . . we celebrated it with the two senior missionary couples who live in town. The majority of our missionaries are not from the United States so we didn't feel like disrupting the missionary work for just a few of them. However--at the zone conference on Friday I served pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies! Everyone seemed to enjoy that.

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