Saturday, November 17, 2012


Manzanillo, Mexico is a quaint port town on the Pacific Coast.
It is much smaller than Puerto Vallarta, but still is a favorite vacation spot for many locals. 
In addition to the swimming beaches . . . 

it also boasts a very busy shipping port. 

And the hills surrounding the bays have somewhat of a Santorini-esque look to them as they are covered with white houses and hotels.

Manzanillo is also a nice mix of modern and traditional Mexico.
You can find Burger King, Sam's Club and Walmart here, along with any number of street side restaurants.

Meaning that the cooking is all done along the side of the street. 

Despite the heat and humidity, we always enjoy our time here. 
The church has a very strong district in Manzanillo that hopefully someday soon will become a stake. And the people are awesome.

Our biggest challenge as travelers has been finding a hotel with beds that are slightly softer than an igneous rock. So far the beds below are the best we have found--as they had a very slight give in them. 
(They have some very expensive hotels that probably have nicer beds but they are out of our budget.:-)

Even better, the view off the balcony was gorgeous!

Especially at sunset. 

 It was a pretty nice way to end the week.

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