Friday, November 16, 2012

Zone Conferences, Round 2

We are one week into our second round of zone conferences. This week we visited the three zones on the south side of our mission. Here are some pictures from one of the zones. I will post more pictures in the following days.

All the missionaries are to be in their seats, studying at least 15 minutes before the conference is supposed to begin. This was the group at one of the conferences. They were all pretty intensely studying except for perhaps one elder. Rough morning maybe?

At each of the zone conferences we are so pleased with the great job the zone leaders do. They get everyone there on time, set everything up and teach part of the conference and then make sure everything is cleaned up afterward. These are two of our awesome zone leaders!! Great Job!

(Okay, so one night President Wagner was in meetings and I was at the hotel room alone so I played around with picmonkey a bit until my internet stopped working. --So that explains the frames on some of the pictures:-)

Practices are an important part of missionary training. We always have them teach the person across from them and then re-practice after everyone on one side moves down one. That way they get to learn from others in addition to their companions.

 The Fearsome Foursome. These four missionaries work in the most remote town in the mission--and probably the only town we haven't been to yet. But we told them when attendance is up to 100 people we will make the long trip out. They are getting close so it looks like we will soon be getting out the suitcases!!

More of our great missionaries . . . The American elder has only been in the country for 2 weeks but made a valiant effort to try to understand everything being taught.

Congratulations to this elder. He gave the closing prayer in ENGLISH and did a super great job! Each zone had one prayer in English and the opening song in English as well. Everyone was awesome!!

Love the sisters!! I can't hug the elders so I make up for it with the girls!!

We also love our senior couples. We only have two in the mission and would love to have many more. But we are so happy for the ones we have. They are such a blessing to us.

Oh, Elder!! I have seen many missionaries wearing pants in need of mending so this time around I took scissors, an iron and patches my daughter sent me from Provo. After a little TLC this pair looked much better and should last him for a few more months at least.

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  1. I just discovered this blog site yesterday and was so excited. My son is one of your new missionaries ( he arrived Nov 5th). It made my day to see a picture of him. Thank you, thank you for all you are doing.
    Sister Quinton