Thursday, November 8, 2012

We Keep Getting Stronger!

This past week we welcomed 20 new missionaries into the Guadalajara Mission. We had 12 arrive Monday morning from the MTC in Mexico City, 7 arrive in the afternoon from the MTC in Provo, and 1 arrive on Tuesday from the MTC in Lima, Peru. 

This is definitely the most diverse group we have welcomed. There were missionaries from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Honduras. 

And their ages ranged from 18 to 26. 
Literally, Boys to Men

The day the new missionaries come is one of my most favorite days.
When the first group arrives they are brought to our house for breakfast. This time we made a typical Mexican breakfast meal--refried beans, a fried egg, and chicken chilaquiles. 
Thank you Sister Kusch from the Cuernavaca Mission for the recipe!
This was served with fresh fruit and orange cake with cream cheese and lime frosting. 

Following breakfast and interviews, the missionaries were taken to the office to rest for a few hours before going out to work with elders in the city for the evening. 

When the American/Canadian missionaries arrived we had Cafe Rio pork burritos with orange cake as well.
I just forgot to take a picture of it. 
Since they arrive later, we just have interviews and then send them to the office for bed.

Early the next morning everyone meets at the chapel by the temple for training. 
First the new missionaries arrived . . . 
and then the trainers . . . 
 These three (along with Elder Brighton) just finished their own training and are now training others.
I am sure they are standing here asking, "How are we going to do this?"
Just kidding. They are awesome missionaries and we know they will do a great job.

After the new missionaries receive training from myself and the assistants,
and the trainers are trained by President Wagner, 
we all meet together in the chapel where everyone finds out who their companion will be and where they will be serving. This is always such a fun time! The suspense about kills everyone.
After some final training, we take pictures of each companionship in front of the temple, 
(Our Peruvian elder who came too late for the group picture)

give them some pizza and their credit card and send them off to work. 
We are so excited to have these new missionaries in the mission and look forward to great things from them!!

And here is a list of the trainers for this group:
Elder Ramos, Elder Brighton (also a district leader), Elder Evans, Elder Fortney, Elder Fox, Elder Hernandez, Elder Upchurch, Elder Jarvis, Elder Sanchez, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Snyder, Elder Anglen, Elder Loveland (also a district leader), Elder Longhurst, Elder Pace, Elder Wright, Elder Reid, (also a district leader) Elder Magaña, and Elder Gonzalez.

And a random picture . . . Elder J (assistant) out in the street in front of the office, wearing an apron and eating pizza, while directing Elder M. (assistant) who is driving the mission van.
And on a very sad note . . the mission van no longer exists. It was taken away yesterday so we will need to find other means of transporting all the missionaries.
So sad. 

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