Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Activities Day 1

For our Christmas activities this year, we did a lot of the same things as last year, with just a few differences.

First off, the first two hours were spent in leadership training. Everyone attended this except for a few sisters I had help me with set up. Around 11:00 the training portion of the meeting ended and we then began the more festive part.

I did not want missionaries to waste time during the month preparing musical numbers and so when everyone arrived we divided them into 6 groups and gave each group 20 minutes to prepare their song. Everyone did a great job, had a good time and many were pretty humorous as well.

We also sang "The 12 Days of Christmas" with a mission twist. Each table was assigned a day and when we all sang the song together, each table had to stand and act something out for their day. (I am explaining this so you will understand the pictures.)

Our serious part of the day was next. We had four narrators read the Nativity while we all sang songs through out the program. This was very beautiful and I felt it brought a wonderful spirit into the room. We ended with a video of the baptisms during the year. Our theme was "White Christmas--Celebrating Covenants." We wanted to emphasize that truly the best way to celebrate the birth of the Savior, was by sharing the blessings of the gospel with others. And they have spent all year doing just that!!

The food was provided by local members.  Here in town Sister Hernandez, Sister Flores and Sister and Elder Kingsford did the work. We had wonderful food in all three cities. We are so grateful for the hard work and kind service offered by everyone.

We met with three zones each in three cities over three days. Here are pictures from our activities. Due to lack of time, I did not edit any of them, and if I missed your child, I am sorry about that. It gets pretty crazy at the activities and taking pictures is just one of many things we are trying to do all at the same time so I know there is a good chance many missionaries were missed. But there are a LOT of pictures, so grab a snack, get comfortable and enjoy!

There are three posts for the Christmas activities so be sure to go to "older posts" to see all of them.

All the sisters in these three zones!
I loved this rendition of Rudolph. It was awesome!

These elders were acting out "Para-si-tos!" during our 12 Days of Christmas Song. They really did a great job. It was hilariously funny!

Here they are acting out "Investigadores de Oro" or a "Golden Investigator" This one was pretty funny as well.

Here you can see the cute bags Sister Hernandez made to put the sisters' gifts in.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking time to do this! You are truly amazing to do this with all you do!