Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Missionary and Follow Up Training!

We received a new elder!! Finally!! He was supposed to arrive before Christmas, but due to visa delays, he came later. We were so glad to have him come. His companion was super happy to have him arrive as well!! Here is a picture of the two of them together. Notice they already are showing tie unity.:-)

We also had a new sister but I forgot to take her picture so I will get it sometime soon.

Also on Friday we had follow up training for the new missionaries in the area. There are additional new sisters in Puerto Vallarta but we did not have them come in for the training due to distance so we will train them and their companions in a couple weeks.

All new missionaries are to follow the 12 week training program. It is the responsibility of their companions to teach the program to them. Our follow up training is to make sure that is happening (unfortunately we have had trainers who have not lived up to the trust that was given them) as well as do some additional training. Now that the new missionaries have a few weeks in mission field the training makes more sense to them.

I only have a few pictures from the training meeting, but here they are. I am sorry I didn't get everyone. These pictures are all from practices. Apparently practices are a serious business (by the looks on their faces.:-)

 In this practice they were asking for references. It was a game really, and they only had so much time to ask each person. There was a competition between the new missionaries and their trainers. The new missionaries won by only 4 references!

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  1. I must say that the Elders look great! Nice ties too.
    Everybody seems so serious, I hope that is not the case all the time. They all must have great smiles. Thanks Joy for posting all these pictures because they help us see how our kids are doing.