Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Mission Leadership Council of the New Year

Today was our first mission leadership council of 2014. We had one new assistant this month, a couple new zone leaders and two new sister leader trainers, along with the regulars.

The focus of this training was Preach My Gospel, Chapter 8--using planning, the area book and companionship inventory to help us work better, and smarter, as well as united with our companion in the work. Fundamental Lesson #2,  The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion and Preach My Gospel Chapter 4, Recognizing the Spirit, and the purpose and unifying power of the atonement.

The zone leaders and sister leader trainers are expected to return to their zones and teach this same material to the members of their zone during their zone class and divisions.  The zone leaders will also be following up on Chapter 8 in specialized training during interviews beginning next week.

We have been blessed to have an abundance of good leaders in the mission and have complete confidence that this group will do a great job instructing the other missionaries.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

(Sometimes it is hard to hide your glow.:-)

Always love the matching ties!

And here are my two favorite companionship inventory pictures.

Meanwhile . . .upstairs on the couch. . . .
I felt so bad for this elder. He was up sick all night, spent the day on the couch and then traveled home. Sure hope he is feeling better now.
And a few group shots...in black and white because I was playing around with my camera before taking the pictures and forgot to change the settings. 

I am sorry I don't have any pictures of the assistants. They did an awesome job and certainly deserve to have their picture on this post. But I only took one picture of them, and well, lets just say that because I am their friend, I am not posting it.:-) (And hopefully one day when they go home and have a not so great picture of me, they won't post it on facebook and tag me in it.)

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  1. Sister Wagner... Would you mind getting me some contact info regarding the church in the San Pancho/San Fransisco area. From the looks of the map I believe it is part of the La Penita Branch. Are there missionaries currently serving in La Penita? Anyway you can get me the contact info to the branch president or missionaries? We are considering moving your family down to the area but want to learn more about the church and opportunities to serve. We are currently living in Draper UT and are a family of 7. Any info or pointing us in the right direction would be great. Thank you.