Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Missionaries . . . Sort Of

We had two other missionaries come in this past change that I just barely was able to take pictures of. So here they are with their companions.

The new elder is on the right and arrived from Nicaragua. He had been serving there for six months before receiving his visa. We were so glad when it finally arrived as we are so glad to have him!

We were also so happy to get the new sister on the right in this picture as well. She came from the United States and also had a struggle getting her visa. We received notice she was coming, but then she didn't arrive. Then we were told she was coming a couple days later, but she didn't. This happened four times before she actually came. We were so happy when she finally got here, but no one was happier than her companion!

But we not only have new missionaries in our mission, the temple has three new American couples working there as well. So we invited them over for dinner after stake conference. We love them!! It was so much fun to get to know them better. We just wish we all had the same p-day so we could get together more often.

And speaking of new missionaries . . . last Monday many of the new ones came into town to get their visas. Since I was at the office, I quickly snapped a picture of a few of them in the van waiting to be transported downtown.
Now that I have finally posted all the pictures of the missionaries who arrived last transfer, I am now ready for next week when we get another new group!

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