Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mission Council and Celebrating the 4th of July!

Yesterday we had mission council at the mission home. We began the day with President Wagner going over the statistics for the month and having the zone leaders share how they have implemented the training they received at their leadership training meeting and the successes or challenges they are having with what they are doing.

I was next and focused on developing the attribute of Charity. We had a really good discussion about charity using the scriptures and Preach My Gospel Chapter 6. The missionaries all committed to strive harder to develop that attribute and help their zones develop it as well.

The assistants were next and they taught the fundamental lesson on inviting investigators to church Although it was adapted just a bit to also invite less active members to come to church and to strengthen the testimony of the members in regard to the atonement of Jesus Christ and the importance of renewing our baptismal covenant by participating in the sacrament. The assistants did an awesome job. Both are very gifted teachers.

Our daughter Kathryn who is helping us out while patiently waiting for her church service mission papers to be processed through the area office (and then she will still help us out but be set apart and be able to wear a name tag) taught on asking inspired questions. Kathryn also did a great job. She is a great teacher and fun to listen to.

Lastly President Wagner taught on lesson #2, the Plan of Salvation, emphasizing the importance of the role of Christ. He is always awesome (my unbiased opinion) and I am sure the missionaries left with a greater appreciation for the Savior.

And on a lighter note . . . since it was July 2--so close to the 4th, we also had a very American meal (we did Mexican for May 5 and will do it again on September 16). We had hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, potato chips, watermelon slices and oatmeal fudge bars.
 In fact there was so much food, you had to use two plates to hold it all! And that didn't even include the cookie!
We had 31 people to feed and had 32 hamburgers and 35 hotdogs plus all the fixings and everything was eaten. One elder who always seems to be hungry, ate the extra hamburger. I asked him if he ever felt full and he said, "I thought that second hamburger was going to do it but it didn't."

Here we have the inside group . . . .

 And here is the group that ate outside. We had four extra missionaries because changes are on Monday and four of the zone leaders will be released to other responsibilities, (they don't know which four, however) but we wanted the four new ones to be trained as well, so they all came. I am guessing speculation is now running rampant in the mission.:-)

Here are the current zone leaders working in Guadalajara
 Here are the current zone leaders working in the north area of the mission . . .
 And here are the current leaders for the south side of the mission.
 And of course we have our four sister leader trainers!
Last of all, here is a picture of the four new zone leaders. They will get their assignments on Sunday night and begin on Monday. We will certainly miss the four who will be getting new assignments but look forward to great things from them all wherever they might serve.

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