Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week Three Of Interviews!! Days 1 And 2

Day 1--Once again I am sorry to say I didn't take pictures of the first district. I also missed the first district on day 2. Apparently I don't get it all together until after the first round. So sorry to all the parents who are missing pictures of their children. I promise to get them all during zone conferences.

These four work together in a little town south of where we were. They are doing a great job and we are so glad to have them there. And by the way, Mom, Elder J got his package!
 These three work in another small town, one of my favorite towns actually--and it isn't just because one of the members has a bread store and is always very generous with their bread! :-) In this group, one is from Mexico, one from Guatemala and another from Ecuador.
 The elder on the right is the fourth member of their district. He also serves as the branch president in the branch and is training the elder on the left. Yes, he is being asked to do a lot--and is doing it all well.
 Here he is teaching some of the missionaries the story line of the Book of Mormon. I usually do this but had to leave for a few minutes and so turned it over to him.
 Our cute sisters. Love them!! (I love the elders too, but I get to hug the sisters)
 Looks like someone was sneaking into the cookie jar. :-) Hermana Wagner (our daughter) gave out Mrs. Field's cookies, making her the favorite Wagner of the day.
 The zone leaders with a young man from their branch. We actually had two young men with us that day. The branch was having an activity called, "A day in the life of a missionary" and the young men all spent the day with the missionaries. Hopefully we didn't bore them too much. This young man has been in the church for only 3 months.
And last but not least . .

Day 2

 Got the package!!

 A little coloring while waiting for interviews . . .

 Loading up the car at the end of a long day.
 Oops. Just remembered we forgot to get their pictures as well. Thank you elders for your help carrying everything out to the car!

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