Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Interviews. This week in Guadalajara!

This past week we conducted interviews in Guadalajara. As always it was fun to meet with the missionaries for training and interviews. We do this every three months. Next week we will finish this round and then begin preparing for zone conferences beginning in August.

I am sorry to say that for each of the days I forgot to take pictures of the first district we met with. I was particularly sad about this because I know that many of their parents read the blog. So--for those whose pictures I didn't take, please know that your sons and daughters are safe and doing well, and I apologize for not having pictures of them.

However, I do have a lot of pictures, so be sure and scroll down to see all of them.

Day 1--in this group I think I am just missing Elder Mellott who was in his interview. So sorry about that!!

Day 2  I missed a whole district here. So sorry!!
 Yes Mom, I got the package.

 And here we are missing Elder Shawkey. He was in his interview with the President when we took pictures. Sorry Mom!

Day 3. Once again I missed the whole first district--I don't know how many mothers read the blog, but I apologize to Sister Pew and any others who are wondering where their sons or daughters are.

 As you can tell we had a very fancy office.:-)

And that ends the second week of interviews. Next week we have Vallarta, Tepic and Guzman.


  1. No worries! You're amazing!

  2. Thank you for the pics!! I love to read what's going on and am grateful to see Kenny healthy and happy! You are awesome!!