Sunday, July 14, 2013


We spent Saturday and most of Sunday in Santiago. This is one of our poorest areas, and is very hot and humid, but the people are wonderful. We love visiting there and feel like so many of the members are good friends.

On Saturday we had interviews with the missionaries, and then Saturday night and Sunday we attended the Santiago District Conference. Since this is a district, rather than a stake, President Wagner presides at the meetings.

Our drive there got slightly delayed . . .
But once we arrived we were ready to roll! I have a few more pictures of the missionaries here because we were with them all day long.
 Be sure to admire the tie.:-)

 Filling out the reimbursement forms. This is a missionary's favorite activity (after preaching the gospel of course;-) because it means they will get money put back on their cards.
 It doesn't matter how old you are, markers and paper will always entertain.

 Going over planning . . . And these elders did a great job!

Practicing teaching the Book of Mormon timeline. 

 Studying up on his English??

 Because we went from interviews to 4 hours of district conference meetings in one day, the elders from out of town didn't have food to eat. (Neither did we:-) So a very sweet lady from their town brought a loaf of bread and some chicken salad for them to make sandwiches. A few others (in addition to the four elders from that town) enjoyed the blessings as well.
 Just how much food can a missionary put in his mouth?
I so much appreciate all the members who are so kind and giving to the missionaries. Mothers at home can rest assured that there are many members looking after their missionary sons and daughters.

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