Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Missionaries

We welcomed another new group of missionaries this past week--nine sisters and five elders. Thirteen are from Mexico and one elder is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. (The same day he arrived here, our daughter arrived in her mission in Honduras so we figure it was a trade:-)

We are so glad to have them all. Although the high number of sisters is making things a little more challenging. For one thing, we have a threesome. One of our sister leader trainers, Sister Flores, is also now training two sisters. Yikes!! But she is awesome so we are sure she can handle it--but we are still praying for her.

We have another sister who is training after only being here six weeks--so basically she is doing her own training. And another sister was trained for six weeks, trained a sister for six weeks--the one who is now training as well--and now the first sister is training again. So not only are the young women of today stepping up to answer the call to serve, but they are also having to come very prepared to "hit the ground running" as they say.

And we have some pretty amazing elders as well!

Welcome to the mission!!

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  1. Nuestras jóvenes tienen una gran capacidad, preparación y diligencia en el trabajo (algunas veces mas que nuestros jóvenes) y lo están demostrando en el campo misional. Mi esposo siempre ha dicho que las hermanas trabajan en automático, no necesitan ser arriadas para trabajar, a diferencia del sacerdocio que necesitan mucha motivación para hacerlo.
    La hna Flores está más que preparada para estos desafíos y siempre oramos por ella.