Friday, September 20, 2013

And . . . the winners are . . .

Each zone conference we have a test over selected chapters of Preach My Gospel and a scripture chase with the scriptures used in the lessons. This is to encourage the missionaries to study the material and know it better.

The scores for both the test and the scripture chase are tallied and the totals for each missionary is combined with his or her companion. We are so proud of all the missionaries who study and prepare for the test, but want to specifically acknowledge those who won in their zone, or excelled.

The top companionship for each of the zones is:
Elder Payne and Elder Ramirez, Elder Ramirez (a different one) and Elder Zamarripa (tie)
Elder Valdez and Elder Solomon
Elder Marroquin and Elder Monzón
Elder Snyder and Elder Casas
Elder Klingler and Elder Miranda
Elder Howarth and Elder Umaña, Elder De La Mora and Elder Western (tie)
Elder Brighton and Elder Palacios
Elder Krambule and Elder Perez
Elder Sosa and Elder Fortney

Congratulations to Elder Turley who had 100% on the exam!
Also to Elder Turley, Elder Howarth, Elder Calixto and Elder Lines for having the top scores in the mission on the test.

And congratulations to Elder Valdez and Elder Klingler for being the top scripture chasers in the mission.

Now we are looking forward to our next round!!

Start studying Elders and Sisters--the next scripture chase will be from the complete lesson #1! And the test will be questions from lesson 3 and Chapter 6.

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