Monday, September 16, 2013

Zone Conferences Week Three!!

It takes us three weeks to hold all of our zone conferences with three conferences a week--so a total of nine conferences. Here are pictures from our last week of conference.

First some pictures from language study time!

And lunch. Thank you Sister Ortiz for the wonderful food!! It was delicious! It was "Carne en su jugo" which is a traditional dish from the Mexican state of Jalisco.

 I love how they keep their ties clean.:-)

 And for dessert we brought coconut, banana tres leches cake. It was our daughter Kathryn's birthday that day so she chose the dessert to celebrate.:-)

And as in all the conferences we sang to those who celebrated their birthdays in that quarter. Here is the group from this zone.
And the zone itself. I took the picture this time.

 Day 2-- Companionship Study Practice

 And a birthday boy! The day of the conference was his birthday--so here he is with his cupcake to celebrate.

 The entire zone
 And some bonus pictures--The sisters getting their mail.
Which Stripling Warrior are you?
 All loaded with pamphlets, videos and ready to go!!
I have run out of time so will publish our last zone later today!

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