Monday, September 2, 2013

Zone Conferences!! Week 1

We just finished our second week of zone conferences. We really enjoy zone conferences because we love being out and spending time with the missionaries. These conferences so far are going really well. We are so impressed with the great group of missionaries we have the honor and privilege of serving with. Here are some pictures from our first week of meetings.

We began on the south side of the mission. . .

Day 1

Everyone is supposed to learn a new language. Spanish speakers are to learn English and of course English speakers are to learn Spanish. So we had a couple activities to encourage them in their learning, which they could also do in their companionships or as districts if both are native Spanish speakers.

In these pictures each person is taking turns reading the Book of Mormon in the language they are learning and the person they are reading with, corrects them on their pronunciation, It was a fun activity and I think we all learned something new.

The zone:
The food:
We had these great hamburgers made by the wife of the branch president. They were really good!
And then Hermana Wagner (Hija) topped off the meal with these very cute cupcakes!

Bonus pictures: Our "Armies of Helaman" Missionaries (all the others in the zone are too, they just weren't there for the picture).
 These two elders are from the same stake in Guatemala and reunited here in Mexico
 President Wagner and the zone leaders on "Blue Tie Day" :-)

Day 2
Also as part of our zone conferences for the past three times, we have had tests over Preach My Gospel. The purpose is to help the missionaries be motivated to study Preach My Gospel in depth and apply it to their teaching. In these pictures the missionaries are in the middle of test taking--and still managing to smile!

Bonus Pictures:
Picking a treat out of the birthday box
 Lunch--A ward member made carne asada. It was great!

Day 3
Our third day took us to the coast. Here we always enjoy the very hot and humid weather, and at this time of year, usually a torrential downpour as well. The missionaries, of course are awesome and don't complain.

Practices are an important part of training missionaries. In almost every thing we do, we have a practice of some sort. Here are pictures of different practices during the conference.

Here the zone leaders are guiding the missionaries through a practice of companionship study.

 Here is a language study practice
 And these are pictures of contacting people in the street. Missionaries in Mexico do not knock on doors, but rather work almost exclusively with members. However, they are allowed and encouraged to follow the Spirit and talk with people on the street during the day. In this situation, they are contacting a taxi driver.

 And here they are talking to a woman with a baby on the bus.

 Zone picture

And of course, a picture of the food.:-) A member catered tacos. Everyone received one taco of each item. I am pretty sure no one went hungry!
Bonus Pictures:
We stayed over night to attend the district conference and I took these pictures then.

 Hopefully this elder will get some new socks for Christmas.:-)
And that ends week one. I will post our second week of conferences later this week.

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