Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zone Conferences Week 2

Our second week of zone conferences were all held here in Guadalajara. All of these zones are pretty large, with one being our largest. We had a great time with all of them.

Day 1
Once again we had the test. On the test are questions such as, "What are the 8 principles in lesson 1?" and "List the 7 principles taught in lesson 5". Another is "What is the significance of the red boxes in Preach My Gospel?" (or the green ones) We also have some fill in the blank for direct quotes and definitions from the lessons. In the end, the tests are graded and the score for each person is combined with his or her companion. The companionship with the highest score wins. I will post all the winners at the end of this week when we are finished with zone conferences.

Here are pictures of the members of this zone.

We also played some fun games to help the missionaries practice asking for references. In this one they tossed a ball back and forth asking questions from the "Tarjeta Automatica" a card with reference questions on it. You couldn't repeat a question until all the questions on the card were asked. When you had the ball you had to give a question. If you couldn't think of one, you were out of the game.
This next game was a lot of fun. The zone leaders had a bag filled with balls. Some of the balls had "yes" written on them and the others had "no". The zone was divided into two teams and each team lined up in front of a zone leader. They then took turns asking the zone leader for a reference (once again using the "Tarjeta Automatica". They could then put their hand in the bag and pull out a ball. If it said yes, they earned a piece of chocolate and were able to go to their seats. If it said no, they had to get back in line and go through again. The team that got everyone in their seats first, won.

 And the winners!!
Zone Picture. Thirty-one missionaries and President Wagner and myself.
Big Group!!
Fun times!
Bonus Picture: The Office Cleanup Crew

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  1. I love your PMG test questions. It looks like it's not an open book test . . . I'm pretty impressed!