Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 2, Day 3

Zone Conferences Continued . . . We finished out our week in Guadalajara with this zone. The missionaries here are great--just as they are all over the mission--and we had a good time with them. Here are some pictures of those serving in this area during language study time

Bonus Pictures:
Some people get all the packages!
This was hilarious. The zone leaders were demonstrating street contacting by talking "with" people, rather than "at" them. In this situation the man was walking his "dog" and the missionary approached and visited with him. It was pretty cute--the fake little dog, who even had some personality!
So grateful to the members who are willing to cook for the missionaries!
Everyone definitely enjoyed the food!
The entire zone!


  1. Just for the son said not to send him any packages!! But I am planning a birthday package! Thanks Sister Wagner for this post! You are awesome!!

  2. Dear sister Wagner, thank you very much for these pictures! It's a pleasure to see my beloved son Elder Patlan. He has told me how much he loves you both. Thanks fot your attentions with him. Regards