Saturday, January 26, 2013

And now there are four!!

Our youngest (19 years old) just received her mission call to Comayagüela, Honduras!!
So with my husband and me here in Mexico, our daughter Kathryn serving in Guatemala, and Michelle in Honduras, we will have four of us serving missions in Book of Mormon Lands at the same time! 

In our "Guess where she is going" game, my father was the only one to guess the mission correctly. And coincidentally he served as president of the Central American Mission, which included Honduras. There was only one branch in the Tegucigalpa area at the time and during his tenure, he split the branch and the new one was named Comayagüela. I think it is pretty cool that the first branch in Comayagüela was organized by Michelle's grandfather. 

We are so excited for Michelle and wish her the very best!  

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  1. That is wonderful! I'm sure Michelle will have the chance to get to know people who knew and loved her grandpa! What a sweet family tie to have! I'm sure Grandpa is very proud.