Saturday, January 26, 2013


My husband and I feel so blessed to work in an area where many people vacation!
We love every area of the mission, but have to say Vallarta is one of my most favorite places on earth.
It is just beautiful here and at this time of year, the weather is even wonderful. 

This round of interviews concluded here. And of course we had a wonderful time meeting with the missionaries in the area.

Here is one of the districts we met with.
 They were having district class earlier, so I snapped a picture of their studies.

Two more . . .

 And part of another district. Love to see happy faces.

These two are fairly new in the mission. I always like to post their pictures so their parents can see they are alive and smiling. Or at least sort of smiling.:-)

 Another great group.
 The elder in the middle was helping the missionary on the left with his area book. Elder C on the right wanted to be part of the picture as well. Of course he would never really be yelling at one of the missionaries.:-)
 The rest of the zone . .

And an interesting story. See that box? Well, Elder S, below, was traveling to Guadalajara on the bus and fell asleep. He awoke just in time to get off the bus at his stop, but in his rush, forgot his backpack with his scriptures and his PMG manual,--- which was covered in a hand carved leather case.
The bus continued on to Leon, Mexico where the bus driver, after letting everyone off the bus, noticed the backpack. Upon checking it, he saw that it belonged to someone in our church and so he called the mission president in Leon. He called President Wagner, who verified we had a missionary by that name, and the backpack was mailed back to our mission.
It is truly a miracle that Elder S was reunited with all of his belongings.
And it was very nice of both the bus driver and the mission president in Leon to take the time to track Elder S down and return everything. 

Next Up:  Tomorrow is our farewell dinner and Monday our welcome breakfast and training. Unfortunately only 7 of the 17 missionaries we were expecting will be arriving on time due to visa issues. Hopefully the others will come soon.

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