Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Random Phone Pictures

Sometimes I don't have my camera with me --or if I do the battery is dead --and so I whip out my phone for a picture. Most often it is just one picture so I can't really write a post on it--but after a while I like to put them all together and post them so you can see them. So this is one of those times.  . .

A week ago Monday we hosted a Family Home Evening for an investigator family who is getting baptized this Saturday. My husband's all time favorite FHE game is one you play with a cup of flour (tipped over onto a plate) that has a coin or a piece of candy on top. Then everyone cuts away at the flour until the candy/coin falls. Whoever made it fall then have to pick it up with their mouth. Unfortunately this poor elder made it fall.

After trying unsuccessfully several times, his companion (being the good companion that he is) stepped in and tried. Success!! We really enjoyed having them in our house and look forward to attending their baptism. 
 Some of my most favorite people I have met here live in a little town called Autlán. We told them that when they reached 100 people attending sacrament meeting we would go out and visit them. They hadn't had a mission president visit in 4 years so they were excited about this. So was I! It took five months but they met their goal! I met a lot of their members at their district conference in Manzanillo and was so impressed with their faithfulness. It was a wonderful treat for us to visit them. Here is a picture of several of the women--and some young girls. Love these people!!

The drive to Autlán was long but beautiful!! This is only one scene to which we were treated. I really wish we could drive more slowly sometime so I can get good pictures. We see so many amazing sights but never have time or a safe place to stop to take the picture. 

While we were out there we did an apartment check.  Notice the fan hanging from the clothes line. Ingenious but dangerous. They have been ordered to take it down and given permission to buy a decent floor fan. 

But I was so happy to see they had fresh fruit!! So often we don't find any food at all in the apartments and rarely do we find something fresh. Good job Elders!! (But it is probably time to take down that Christmas tree.:-)

 And do you ever wonder what assistants do? Well, this is one job . . . climb up on the roof of the office, pick avocados off the tree and throw them down to me. Thank you Elder J!!

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