Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Day, Another Interview . . .

Here are the pictures from today's interviews. 
We really had a good time with them all. 

Today's treat was chocolate chip cookies. I used the last of my chocolate chips to make them this morning. Since the chocolate chips have to be hand delivered from the States, and I won't have anyone else coming to visit until April, you know I have to love these missionaries to use my last chocolate chips on them!!

Both of the elders in the middle trained the ones on each end. And all are great missionaries. Elder G on the Left is still eating his cookie, which is why he has that face.

And their fearless zone leaders!
I learned so much from them in our discussion this morning. It was so fun to hear their insights into the chapter we were studying. 

Here the district leader is helping the other members of his district make some sense out of their area book. 
 And the district as a whole. I thought it was interesting how they are all about the same height. Also two are from Mexico City and two are from Peru. 
 This district has a little height variation!
 Always love the sisters. (I get to hug them!) And these two had a perfect area book!
 Their whole district. The elder in the middle speaks perfect English. Only he didn't tell me that until after I suffered quite a bit talking to him one day in Spanish. I thought he could have told me at the beginning of the discussion, instead of at the end! :-)
Tomorrow--day three!!

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