Friday, January 25, 2013

And the trip goes on . . .

We finished interviews! It was nine very long (but enjoyable) days spread out over three weeks. Here are some pictures from our second to the last zone . . . Santiago.

We are so blessed to be working in such a beautiful country. The drive to Santiago passes by several volcanoes like this one just outside of Tepic. . .

And beautiful rolling hills. Each season provides us with a different view. Now the fields are covered with sugar cane. 
 A close up view--but taken out the window of the car while speeding by.
 We are also treated to some interesting people.
We had a good time visiting the missionaries in Santiago. We actually had to visit a branch in the area last Sunday so met with four of them then.  There is a lot of experience in this district--and one who just arrived. We are so lucky to have them all!
 I had to take a picture of this young man as well. He is a recent convert and wearing a badge that says, "Future Missionary". It was funto see that!
On Wednesday Morning we visited with the rest of the zone. We first met with these elders in one of the small towns they are working in. The four of them are so awesome and doing a great job.

Our next stop was the church building in Santiago. Here we met up with the rest of the missionaries in the zone. Once again we enjoyed our visit with them, although several had bad coughs and one had laryngitis (not a good thing for a missionary!) so I felt really bad for them. Still, they all had positive attitudes and are working hard.

The zone leaders . . . 

 The elder on the left is 18 and training the elder on the right--who is a few years older.
I think what they enjoy the most about our visits is we bring the mail--and in this case, also a few packages. 
 So glad to get my new shoes!!
 The elder on the left was in his interview when the other pictures were taken so I don't have one with his companion (as he left on a division with another elder) so here are a couple other missionaries filling in.:-) Love elder support!!
That is it for Santiago! Tomorrow--Vallarta!

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