Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last Day In Guadalajara!

This is what we found when we arrived at the church building this morning for interviews. They got to the building a little early and the door was locked so they put their time to good use studying!!
Good job, Elders!

The District
Although their zone is a Guadalajara zone they actually have to travel quite a bit to get to Guadalajara and all work in branches rather than wards. 
 The rest of the district. They are working in an area that hasn't had a lot of success lately but the two of them are really going to town. 
But then what would you expect from two missionaries who want their picture taken with the Book of Mormon?!
 The elder in the middle is busy training both of the elders at his sides. And he is a doing a great job at it. 
 So which of these missionaries speak English?  Three of the four (but the other is learning). One of course, is obvious. The other lives in a border city and is English educated, and the other is from Utah, but his mother is from right here in our mission! What a blessing that he gets to serve here now. 

Just trying to even out their height difference.
 As always I adore the sisters. Both of these have a ton of energy and enthusiasm for the work. And the sister on the left joined the church and left on a mission before the missionaries who taught her returned home. 
 The zone leaders. 
The one on the right is from my mission so I always tell everyone he is my favorite elder. 
But of course, I don't really have favorites. Just like my own children--we love them all equally. 
 Camera shy?! That has never happened to me before. Usually the elders try to get into the pictures.
 And ready!
Next week three more zones and then we are done with this round. Interviews are very tiring, but so worth it!!

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