Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zone Council #7

My goal for this new year is to not get behind in posting!! I am sorry I have been so slow but with the holidays and family here in town celebrating with us--plus three groups of missionaries coming in and three going out, and the Christmas parties in the three cities--things got away from me. BUT . . . with this last post I should be caught up!! This is my third post today, so be sure to scroll down to see the other two.

Last Tuesday we had zone leader council #7 at our house. We had four new zone leaders joining us:

Elder Cluff, Elder Grantham . . .
 Elder Lopez and Elder Gonzalez.
Elder De La Luz was released to help out a struggling area in the mission, and the three other zone leaders went home. It is always fun to have new ones, but we always miss the former zone leaders as well.

Training this month was on Fundamental Lesson #6--Teaching People Not Lessons. This was presented by our two very capable assistants, Elder Jensen and Elder Esquivel.

I taught on how to help investigators and less active members get interested in reading the Book of Mormon, how to help them find answers to "the questions of the soul" and how to read with them to help them understand what they are reading better. (So basically chapter 5 of PMG)

As part of my lesson I gave each companionship a common object that could be found in any house and gave them three minutes to come up with a way to use the object to introduce a scripture in the Book of Mormon--that they would then read with the investigator. I was so amazed at how clever they all were!! We have a super awesome group of zone leaders! That is for sure.

Then I wowed them :-) with a very common seminary object lesson--cornstarch and water. When you mix the two together it looks like a liquid but when you pick it up, you can turn it into a ball--and it will stay a ball as long as you keep working it. The second you stop work it, it turns into a liquid and runs off your fingers. They thought of several scriptures they could use with that so it was fun.

And President Wagner taught Chapter 4 from Preach My Gospel on Recognizing the Spirit. During his presentation I was in the kitchen getting the food ready so I didn't hear it. But I could see them all through the window on the door and by the look on everyone's faces, I knew I was missing out on something good!!
This month was American food and what could be more American than hot dogs and hamburgers, right?:-) I had to take a picture of this Mexicanized plate though. He had jalapeños on the hotdog and red chili sauce (sort of like Tabasco) all over his potato chips.  Yum!! :-)
And yes that is fudge!! Thanks to my sweet daughter who brought all the ingredients from the states, and some nice neighbors who let me cook it at their house after our gas ran out and our stove didn't work--we had fudge to eat!!

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