Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zone Conference #3, Day 2

This is part 2 of zone conferences. For more information about the conference itself, be sure and scroll down to the previous post.

We got up early Wednesday morning to drive to Manzanillo from Colima to meet with the missionaries there. Once again we learned that the zone leaders did a great job organizing the conference and everyone was there on time ready to learn and participate.

For the first two zone conferences I provided all the food. This was quite a challenge for me considering that we would be on the road for three and four days at a time. Keeping the food safe in the car that long and cooking it during the conference--when I really needed to be in with the missionaries--was hard. So at the suggestion of other women who also have my calling, we passed that responsibility on to the zone leaders this time.

Everyone is doing a wonderful job so far with the food. In Manzanillo they hired a lady to cook for them and she went all out. She arrived with carne asada, tortillas, quesadillas, beans, two kinds of green salsa, pico de gallo, sausages and grilled green onions. I am pretty sure everyone left feeling well fed.

Here the zone leaders are enjoying the meal. 

A close up
And here are four of our very cute sisters!! 
Love these girls!!

I love how resourceful the missionaries are. Don't have a garbage can? No problem!!

Here the zone leader shook up the practice time a bit and instead of just practicing teaching the law of chastity to an investigator, they asked President Wagner to take some time and demonstrate teaching the law to a teenage son as well. The point being that when we are teaching our children we do so with love and concern and are sure to follow up to be sure they are keeping that commitment. When teaching investigators it should be the same.

President Wagner did a great job, and took advantage of the role play to teach the elders about the importance of treating women with respect and waiting to kiss until it is someone really special to you. 
Elder V was a good sport and played our "son". 

As part of the "Doctrine Is the Key" portion of the conference we gave a test on Chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel. Chapter 3 is the lessons the missionaries teach so they should have a good understanding of the chapter. After all you can't teach what you don't know.:-)

Apparently it required deep concentration.

What is this? Cheating off the junior companion? Shame, shame!!


So apparently it was a hard test.:-)

Companionship Love!!

 With a little photo bombing by Elder V.
I always love how the sisters dress up for zone conferences. Normally they are in flat shoes due to the walking but zone conference always brings out the heels!!
Starting a new fashion in Elder footwear? No! (Thankfully) This poor elder had to have both of his big toenails removed due to infected ingrown toenails. Unfortunately this is a problem in the mission field due to poor fitting shoes and cobblestone streets. 
And that winds up day 2!

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  1. I love your photos . . . what handsome and cute missionaries! You inspire me :)