Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zone Conference Day 4

Day 4 brought us back to Guadalajara. We had such a great time with this zone. It is filled with awesome elders and sisters who are a lot of fun to be with--and are great missionaries too!

One thing that made this zone extra fun is so many of  the native Spanish speakers are working hard to learn English. And this elder went above and beyond. He not only offered the opening prayer in English but he bore his testimony in English as well!! Good job Elder V!!

And there is more! The two American elders in this picture taught, "Be Still My Soul" in English to their two Spanish speaking companions and then they performed it for us. They all did a beautiful job!!  (In this picture they are just warming up, they sang with more enthusiasm.:-)
Once again, lunch was great. We had big hamburgers and fries delivered to the building just in time to eat. So easy, and so good!

 I couldn't resist taking a picture of Elder B's hamburger. I am sure it tasted so much better with those jalapeños and french fries on it.:-)
And then there was that test . . .

After the conference I took several companionship pictures so I could be sure and post a picture of everyone.  

 These two are the zone leaders. Also the elder on the left if the first missionary we welcomed into the mission field after arriving here ourselves. He came about two weeks later. He had been a visa waiter in the states.

 They aren't really a threesome. The elder on the right was just visiting that day.

After everyone wanted a picture of the whole zone together.
One with us . . .

And of just the zone . . .

 Oh, wait, one more . . .

Will these pictures never end?

Don't worry. We woke them up and sent them off to work!

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  1. Thanks for posting! I can see how busy you are. I know the missionaries appreciate all you and your husband do for them. And us parents appreciate all you do too! Our elder still hasn't been able to send many photos, these are priceless to us! A million thanks!