Saturday, February 16, 2013

Zone Conference #3!!! Love These!!

This past week we have been traveling the southern part of the mission attending zone conferences. This has been pure joy for us. We love being with the missionaries and learning from their experiences. Truly we have been blessed with great missionaries!

As I want to show as many pictures as possible from each zone, I will be posting each zone separately. However, I will tell a little bit about what we are doing at zone conferences in each post--so if you want to know about it, you will have to read them all.:-)

We began in Colima. We were so impressed with the zone leaders here. They had everything very well organized and assignments made. They did a super great job!!

Zone Conference is scheduled to start on the hour, but we ask the missionaries to all be in their seats 15 minutes prior, studying and preparing themselves spiritually to both participate and to learn. We appreciate how obedient the zones are in doing this. 

The theme for our conference this time was taken from an article by Elder Osguthorpe in the July 2012 Ensign. In the article he said, "1. Conversion is our objective. 2. Love is the motivation 3. Doctrine is Key and 4. The Spirit is the teacher." 

So this is what we focused our conference on. After a brief introduction by President Wagner, the zone leaders taught the first part, "Conversion is the objective" using Fundamental Lesson #7 and Chapter 11 of Preach My Gospel on making and helping investigators keep commitments. 

A few important principles were emphasized. First--Repentance is change and change leads to conversion. Therefore challenging people to make commitments is helping them to repent, change and become converted. Second, Keeping commitments requires faith as well as helps the investigators strengthen their faith, and Third, following up to verify whether the commitments have been kept, and helping the investigators keep the commitments are acts of love on the part of the missionaries. 

We have also very strongly stress the importance of using the teaching model for teaching these lessons which is:  Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, Evaluate, Re-practice. All the zone leaders in the three conferences we attended did an excellent job of teaching with the teaching model. 

Below are a couple pictures of the practices. In this instance the missionaries were practicing committing investigators to live the law of chastity.

One of the things I both loved and got a kick out of was seeing how well all the missionaries pitched in after the conference to help clean up. Good job Elders!!

 Fighting over the broom?????
Here are a few random pictures of missionaries in the zone. I am sorry if I don't have the same amount for all the missionaries, but in the hurry to clean up I just take picture of those who are the most enthusiastic to stand in front of the camera. :-)

Enjoying the heart shaped sugar cookies we brought as a treat for them all.

 A broken heart?
 Getting a little extra attention . . .
 I got a kick out of this in the kitchen.

 Our elder going home soon.
 Just gotta love the love!!

I will try to post more tomorrow and on Monday.  Next up . . . Manzanillo and Guzman!!

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