Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zone Conference Day 3

It was our good fortune to be able to spend St. Valentine's Day (Or Friendship Day as it is called here) with this zone!! 

I taught the second part of the conference on "Love is the Motivation". (My visuals above:-) We talked about how the first principle we teach as missionaries is "We have a loving Heavenly Father".  Part of the reason we teach that first is so everyone can understand our relationship to God and also why He does all that He does. His love for us is His motivation for everything.

I then had all the missionaries search Chapter 3, lesson 1 looking for evidence of Heavenly Father's love. I think the longest list so far is 32.

Next we searched lesson 2 looking for evidence of the Savior's love. This is the lesson on the Plan of Salvation. Once again we learned that love is the motivation behind everything the Savior does as well--both love for Heavenly Father and love for us.

Lastly we talked about our motives for service. Is it out of love? We then went to Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 and studied Charity. I had the missionaries search  What is it? Why do we need it? How can I obtain it? and What are the blessings of having it? (A good activity for a family night:-)

Later we had a fun activity--Scripture Chase (You can take the seminary teacher out of the classroom . . . . ) These elders were all pretty quick!!

When lunchtime came, once again the food was assigned to the zone leaders. They did a great job enlisting the help of their zone.

Elder J had the job of mixing the drink. (If you don't have a spoon, just use your muscles!)
 These two elders were assigned to clean off the tables to make them more sanitary. That is the first time  I have seen that happen. (Good job Elders!)
 And Elder A heated up the stew on the stove.
Today's meal was Birria. It is a traditional stew, normally made with goat's meat, but I think in this case it was pork. At least that is what it tasted like to me. It was very delicious!! And we got to eat it with corn tortillas straight off the griddle that were delivered to the church door by a man on a bike. 

No, they are not in pain. They are  hungry!! They can hardly wait to get some of the yummy food!

And some random pictures . . .

One of the zone leaders watching over his flock during practices.

 Ahh that test!! If only we had studied more! :-)

 Jack pot!!

 Sorry this one is a little dark, but here are the fearless zone leaders. They did an awesome job getting everything ready, cleaning up and providing the food.

What is this? Sneaking into the frosting? Elders!!

Gotta love them!!
It was a great way to spend Valentines!!

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