Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zone Conference Day 7

Day seven of zone conferences took us to a small zone of 14 missionaries. Four live in the main city, and the rest live in little surrounding towns. Together all the towns make up the district. This district has our most members, but lowest attendance. It is also one of the poorest areas in the mission.

However, there are great people who live here and we always enjoy visiting the branches. And the missionaries who work here are all awesome. (Yes I know I always say that but it really is true.)

I didn't take as many pictures of them, however, because for this zone conference I did the food and running up and down the stairs taking care of that took much of my time and attention. But here are the pictures I did take:

Here is one of the entire zone. (I am posting it large to make up for the lack of pictures:-)

Now an interesting thing about this zone . . . See these four?
They have worked in other areas before. 
See these ten? They have all only worked in this zone. 
That is really pretty unusual. 
But is also means they have been doing a good job to have been left in the same areas for so long.
(Changes are this Monday though and things could get switched up a bit.:-)
But even more evidence of what great missionaries they are, with the exception of the zone leaders, all the senior companions trained or are training their companions. 
The elder on the left is training the elder on the right
 The zone leaders. 
 The elder on the left is training the elder on the right
 The elder on the left trained the elder on the right and then they stayed together. 
 Here the elder on the right trained the elder on the left and they have been together for six months now.
 The elder on the right is training the elder on the left

The elder on the left trained the elder on the right

 And just in case you think they are the same height . . . 

The beauty of the podium :-)

Such a great zone and so much fun to be with.

Oh and about the food . . . (which I didn't get a picture of) I made pork loin with gravy and potatoes, green salad and rolls. But it was a good thing I brought along a jar of jalapeños, as they all had to "Mexicanize" it--by adding a little spice.

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