Monday, February 25, 2013

Zone Conference Day 6

President Wagner decided to shake things up a bit this day. By Friday everyone was feeling pretty tired so the President had everyone get down and give him 5, or 50 or 80 pushups. Or basically whatever they could. That certainly got everyone's blood flowing!!

This elder won with the most out of the missionaries
(Yes President Wagner had to compete as well, and had the most, although it was pretty close this time.)

And apparently those pushups worked!! Not only are we building spiritually strong missionaries, but they are physically strong as well!!:-)
And then there was that oh so painful test!!
Think, Elder, think!!
 concentrate . . . 
 Or just look completely disinterested . . . :-)
The food was a new treat for me. It was called "Huaraches" which is the name of a sandal here in Mexico. It was made from rolling out corn masa about 1/3 inch thick on a mold the shape of a large shoe sole, then grilling it, and then frying it in oil and topping with beans, onions, cheese and hot chili sauce.
And for dessert there was chocolate covered strawberries on a stick!
One of many things we love about this zone is the Calls are in it!!
It is always fun to have them with us. Here Brother Call is pitching in to lead the music.

And Sister Call is visiting with one of the office secretaries that she works with. We feel so blessed to have both them and the Crockets here with us. 
 And once again, here are some random pictures of the zone.  Here are our office secretaries. They are doing an awesome job!!
 Two of our great elders.
 A standing ovation for the cooks
 Just sharing the love . . .

 These two work in a little town about an hour outside Guadalajara. We visited their branch yesterday and seeing all the people there just made me cry. In the time the elder on the left has been there (this is his second companion) the attendance in the branch has doubled. And all the branch members were having such a good time being with each other. One made little bookmarks for everyone who came to their conference and another brought tacos from his store to share. Good times!!

Our wonderful assistants are also in this zone. 

 Along with a lot of other very good missionaries.

 And our zone leaders . . . Proving that missionaries come in all shapes and sizes. . .
 Getting the mail at zone conferences is always a bonus!
 The clean up. 

This week--Santiago, Tepic and Vallarta!!

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