Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zone Conference Day 5 . . .

You would think we would be getting tired of zone conferences by now but we aren't!! We are loving them. Each conference is so different from the others. The material we teach is pretty much the same, but the makeup of the zone is always different and so we have a different experience every day.

On day 5 we were still in Guadalajara visiting another great zone even though there are four rather trunky missionaries in it. These four are going home in a week and were all pretty excited about that. We weren't excited of course, since they will be missed.

I am super tired today though so I am not going to write as much--and will just post the pictures with some short explanations. So here goes . . .

THE TEST (you can read the other posts for an explanation)

Oh the pain of it all!!

 Here the zone leader listens carefully. I love the look on his face. Not quite sure what he was thinking.

Once again the elders were in charge. They asked one of the bishops and his wife to help with the food and they went all out. I felt bad actually that they went to so much work--a three course meal on real plates!! The bishop even took the day off work and his kids stayed home from school to help.
It was such a huge gift of love on their part and very much appreciated by everyone. What sweet and wonderful people we have here in Mexico!!

The food was so good, it got a standing ovation!

Mothers--you should all be proud!! The elders didn't want to leave all the dishes to this kind family so several of them pitched in to help.

Some random pictures that made me smile . . .

 This is a generational picture. The elder on the left trained the elder next to him, and he is training the elder next to him--(from left to right). And the President is training them all!

 Mail is always a treat!

 I don't know what they are reading, but it looks pretty serious.
 Our awesome zone leaders! The elder on the right makes me laugh. No matter who his companion is, they wear matching ties at all meetings. Companionship unity at its best!

I am not sure what these two pictures were about, but it looks like my lesson on love didn't exactly take. :-)

And finally--the pictures. When the zones get together for a conference they always want to take a lot of pictures. . . . And everyone has to have one on their own camera.

 And here they are!!

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