Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Few Random Pictures

So, you want to know how the missionaries can get on my good side? A clean apartment. And nice little notes don't hurt either.:-)

When our friends were here visiting we went out to the ruins and discovered this tree. I think it looks like a perfect shape for a tree of life. So here they are "partaking" and "inviting" me to join them! What a good husband and what great friends!
We had the wettest September on record, and it included some pretty crazy weather. Here is an intersection near our house that we had to try and cross! Finally we just parked our car and walked home and then went back later to get the car. 
On a positive, the rain has also contributed to some pretty spectacular scenery to enjoy during our many trips around the mission.

Lastly, this picture comes from Honduras. It is of our daughter with her new companion.
I love this!! Her companion is from Esmeraldas, Ecuador, which was my first area in my mission. The Church had only been there for a couple years when I got there and there were just three tiny branches. I was so excited to see a sister missionary coming out of there!! 
The work truly marches on!

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  1. Hehehee - yes, nothing like a nice clean missionary apartment to make my heart sing! Love the tree of life photo!