Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Interview Pictures . . .

Here are more pictures from interviews. They are not in any particular order, or from any particular zone. 
This coming week we will finish interviews for the northern part of the mission, so if you have been looking for your missionary, the pictures will be posted by next Monday at the latest. 

Waiting for someone to come with the keys. But we were so glad to have so many to help carry the boxes!
 Evidence of a missionary's resourcefulness. This elder was sent a cake mix for his birthday but he didn't have an oven to cook it in, so he made pancakes with the batter and frosted each layer. I won't go so far as to say it looked appetizing, but I was impressed.
 What this elder --and the rest of his district--were eating for breakfast. Yes, I lectured them and then told them to send me a picture Monday of a good breakfast. So this elder sent me a picture of a bowl of coco puffs. Hmmmm. Hopefully by posting this picture his mother will see it and have a little visit with him.:-)

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