Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Missionaries!!

First--a couple weeks ago we welcomed a new elder into the mission. He came from Honduras and had been waiting NINE MONTHS for his visa. Finally he arrived!! He told us his family joined the church when he was 8 and he has been counting down the years since then until he could serve a mission. What a blessing for us he was called to serve here! We didn't get a picture of him with his companion, but here he is with President Wagner at the office the night he arrived.

Then last Monday morning we welcomed 9 more missionaries!! We had one sister from Colombia, 7 elders from Mexico and 1 elder from my old mission--Ecuador! Here is the group all together.
 And here is each one with his or her companion

 Well, except for these four. These four were trainers who had to wait until the next day to meet their new companions.
Because these four arrived from the US later that day.

Finally they are able to meet.

A big welcome to everyone!! So glad to have you all here! We know you will be awesome!

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