Thursday, October 3, 2013

Another Farewell!! (Why do these keep coming faster and faster?)

On Sunday, September 29, we bid farewell to another wonderful group of missionaries. It is always so hard to see them go but we know it is time for them to move on to other things. This group was historical for us. Sister Mamani had to wait four months for her visa and so arrived after the others did, and became part of the first group for us to welcome about 14 months ago. It was also a group that had more sisters than elders in it.

Elder Misael De la Luz--Tula de Allende, Hidalgo, Mexico
Hermana Petra Quiterio--Chilpancingo, Mexico
Hermana Zaida Mamani---Puno, Peru
Hermana Sarahi Bernal-Saltillo, Mexico

We will miss you all!

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