Thursday, October 3, 2013

Follow Up Training for New Missionaries

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted. I know parents are probably eager to see pictures of their missionaries, but we have been super busy and then our internet went out for 3 days. So I am going to be doing a lot of posting in the next couple days to catch up!

First off--we had follow up training for the missionaries who arrived six weeks ago. (We had the training two weeks ago in Guadalajara.) It was fun to see all the new missionaries again and to make sure they were doing okay. We also check to be sure the trainers are following the 12 week program like they are supposed to be doing and that everyone is getting along well.

In addition we do some training from Preach My Gospel, practice how to use the training DVD's, have a game on how to ask for references and do a lot of practices from the first lesson--such as how to teach someone to pray, how to invite them to read the Book of Mormon and how to invite them to be baptized.

We had a good time, then filled them with bean and cheese burritos and sent them back to work. Here is a picture of some of them after our asking for references game. Sure love their enthusiasm!!

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