Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Mission Council

Yesterday we had mission council at our house. So many of our zone leaders have recently gone home and others have been released to train. We also had a sister trainer leader return home and another receive a transfer to a new area where she will finish up training and so . . . . this group was VERY new!! But we are excited to work with them.

In our training yesterday we learned five things to do to help teach the Restoration more effectively. They are:

1. Make the lesson personal in the beginning by helping the person understand their need for the atonement --and therefore the gospel--in their lives. This can be done as easily as simply asking, "Do you have any sins?"

2. Explain that "teachings of the Savior" and "the gospel" means faith, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost--with every principle you teach where the word "gospel" is used.

3. Teach the dispensations by naming each prophet specifically--and showing pictures is even better.

4. Explain that when Christ organized His church, he taught faith, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

5.  Clarify that John the Baptist had authority to baptize, and that Peter, James and John had authority to bestow the gift of the Holy Ghost, due to holding the Melchizedek Priesthood, and these very same men--calling them by name-- restored that authority to Joseph Smith.

Next we learned how to use the Plan of Salvation to help people resolve doubts and answer questions--for example--once they know the Plan of Salvation, the investigator can then look at the plan and answer for him or herself why the law of chastity is wrong, or why homosexuality is not part of God's plan for exaltation. In this way we don't always have to tell them, we can ask them inspired questions that will help them receive revelation and make application themselves. But it starts with the person understanding the Plan of Salvation.

Next was an activity to help the missionaries realize they could do more to find people to teach--even with the strict rules for finding in Mexico. Everyone took 5 beans and then were asked 15 questions. If they answered yes, they could take another bean. If they answered no, they had to put a bean back. Some of the questions were, "I talked to someone on the bus coming here about the church." Or, "In the last 24 hours I referred someone to" and, "In the last week I visited at least 3 never before visited less active families on my ward list."  It was a fun activity and I think it was also quite revelatory to the missionaries.

Lastly we studied the attribute of Faith from Chapter 6. Unfortunately I was in the kitchen making lunch at this time and so didn't hear it, but since President Wagner taught it, I know it was awesome!

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